Vibrant hospitality Group - Expertise

Vibrant Hospitality’s Team has been managing and developing hospitality product for more than 25 years.

The company has managed every segment of the hotel industry from select service to upper mid-scale full service product. Vibrant also has decades of experience in ground up development, acquisitions and repositioning.

Our Services

Construction and Design

Each building is designed to demonstrate uniqueness, character and with great attention to detail. We not only adhere to brand standards, but we also raise the level of excellence by upgrading hotel designs to provide our guests with even more quality. We believe this attention to detail enhances the experience for our guests and ultimately increases financial returns for our asset owners.


Our team maximizes profitability through sustainable business practices and effective cost control. Team leaders manage properties based on the market to ensure tailored attention to margins, service levels, and physical asset maintenance. Thanks to our superbly trained and talented associates, Vibrant has navigated through tough times of market volatility and remained profitable. Our operations team provides a full suite of services including everything from leading budgeting process to ensuring maximization of the four keys of hotel operations which include guest satisfaction, associate satisfaction, revenue, and profit.

Revenue Management

Vibrant utilizes a centralized revenue management service to provide support to our entire portfolio. Our team liaises with each brand and works closely with sales and marketing to identify successful pricing and inventory strategies. They utilize a mixture of revenue channels from brand call centers to online travel websites to maximize revenue and discover new opportunities.

Sales and Marketing

Our feet-on-the-street approach ensures we are preferred accommodations for travel agencies, local corporations, and other top clients. Our aggressive sales strategies and superior client support drive top-line sales no matter the location or market condition. In addition, we offer centralized marketing services to support our diverse brands and markets. The marketing team is deeply integrated into the revenue and sales structure to deploy innovative and effective marketing campaigns.

Human Resources

Vibrant Hospitality’s premier team of associates ensures that all experiences exceed expectations. Top-quality guest service has proven to be the cornerstone for our success as we provide a stable and respectful work environment for our associates, which is mirrored by the strength and efforts they represent professionally. Because our associates bring a plethora of assets to the table such as different experiences, accomplishments, backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, we are able to provide unparalleled service to our guests.